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Our family was fortunate enough to buy a home from Polito Builders and it was the best purchase we ever made. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is second to none. It is important to us to get top quality for the money spent and Polito Builders goes above and beyond all expectations. The space created, design implemented and features make our home an enviable piece of real estate but I was most impressed with their willingess to answer any questions or follow up explaining how things worked or maintenance recommendations on things ranging from air filters to lawn care. Despite the commendable success Polito Builders has had over the last 30 years, they remain a hands on, family business which is abundantly apparent when working with them.


We went with Polito Builders for our custom home because we knew they had the experience and the knowledge to build us a beautiful, quality and lasting house.  We were never proven wrong! Our home is everything we dreamed it would be and Joe & Gerardo were so easy to work with.  The process from start to finish was executed so efficiently and with such precision.  There's a certain amount of accountability when you know the family  has grown up in the neighborhood and you will run into each other at the grocery store or sit next to each other at your children's concerts.   We remain comforted by that fact to this day even though we have hardly had to call on them for a thing since we built it together!


- Jenny & Voja Andjelkovic

With an exceptional attention to detail, high quality craftsmanship, and innovative design, Polito Builders has provided us the most comprehensive yet timely building experience ever on various projects of all sizes over the past decade.  The service and customer experience has been second to none.


- Chris & Karin Hyzy

- KO

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