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It takes vision and patience to fulfill a dream. When that dream is your home, it also requires the right builder who not only understands your vision but is whole heartedly invested in your dream. We thank Joe Polito, Polito Builders, for building our dream. His honesty, integrity, talent and passion for his art is genuine. There are so many aspects of a development that can go wrong which in turn can ruin your dream. We are happy to say that each day that we drive into our driveway we are thankful that we took that leap of faith with Joe. His craftsmanship is exceptional and his attention to details is what brought our project to completion both on time and on point with the budget. Our original house was built in the 1920's and Joe added on an extension that doubled our square footage. Our intent was to keep the original character and seamlessly tie in the extension.  The end result was truly more than we thought possible.  We have had notes dropped in our mailbox asking for referrals.  We love our home and we will forever be thankful to Joe.

- Kevin & Lorraine Sullivan

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